Calming Brits (& Irishmen)


First of all thank you for creating this blog. It has been so refreshing to have these pictures of fine British and Irish men to bring up your day and make you smile. My friend and I have taken on new jobs and moved out on our own for the first time and are celebrating with hosting a housewarming party. We are great fans of Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hiddleston and would love a celebratory post. Again, thank you for making this blog and love to see your posts!

~~Here you go :)

(I think this is where you submit these things.) Hi, I just failed my driving test and even though I know it will be alright, I'm still upset and mad about it. I feel like I should have done better than I did. I would really appreciate some David Tennant or Benedict Cumberbatch to help me calm down.


My mom found a lump in her breast a week ago and went to the doctors yesterday but we won't find out till August. I am very worried that she has breast cancer and I am already not doing great mentally. I just don't know what to do anymore.

Try not to panic. Stressing out and imaging worst case scenarios will not help your mother or yourself. I know this is much easier said than done. Naturally you are concerned, with very good reason, but you need to try and not imagine the worst.  

Can I have a calming brit or irishmen? there is a scary thunderstorm here and I feel like i'm on the verge of another anxiety attack, which is what usually happens during storms...



Hello, I was let go from my job a while ago, and am finding it very difficult to find work again (I'm a writer). Any Aiden Turner or Tom Hiddleston hugs to help a girl out? Advice is welcome.


First, I’m really sorry to hear that you were let go. You don’t say what kind of writer you are or what sort your job had you doing, so please forgive me if this is a bit general.


Finding work is hard. Finding work as a writer is REALLY hard. And half the time, companies that don’t hire a candidate do it for reasons that have nothing to do with that candidate. They change their mind about opening up a position, they decide they want a different skill set, they decide to go in a different direction, someone higher-up has a friend they want in the role…

…Given all this, there are still things you can do. It’s hard to recommend exactly what kind of tactic to try, but I’d say go back and look at your portfolio and your resume, and keep polishing them up, and find the jobs you’re interested in (which may require looking further afield) and keep persisting until someone gives you a break. Network both online and in person, reach out to recruiters, look for clients online, update your Indeed resume and your LinkedIn profile…whether you’re a copywriter, a magazine writer, a screenwriter or any kind of writer, as long as you keep honing your craft you’ll eventually find something.

Colin O'Donoghue/Christian Bale could really help soothe my nerves. I left one of my dream companies in March because school&work was overwhelming. As I focused on school, I came across a professor that I fancy just a tad more than I should. I'm under the impression he feels the same way, but given the circumstances, it's fair to say it wouldn't (rather, couldn't) go anywhere. My recent failed job search has added to the stress. Nothing is happening, and I can't shake that no one wants me. :(



Hi, I need a calming Brit (or Irish Man) who help me get through the next little bit. I was assaulted at work (I work event security) by a guy who was sober and decided that since I'm female he doesn't have to listen to me. My knee is fucked up and now I'm going through a court process. It's been stressful as all heck and I'm getting anxious about court.

I am so sorry that happened to you. 


I always appreciate the staff that works security at events. It is such a difficult job. People in general can be belligerent, but for some reason put them in a crowd and their normal bad behavior escalates to new heights. I should say lows because that is far more accurate.

Thank you for working a difficult job that most people do not appreciate, and have no idea how much it affects their ability to enjoy an event, having people such as yourself looking out for them.

 I am sorry about your knee as well. I hope it heals quickly. 

I am sorry you are anxious about court. Our fingers are crossed it goes well for you and this jerk gets the punishment he deserves.