Calming Brits (& Irishmen)

I think Idris feels the same way about Monday’s as we do :)

I think Idris feels the same way about Monday’s as we do :)

I think we need some Monday posts.

I cried myself to sleep last night. My dad came and visited me and it was so great seeing him, he was telling me he still has to go to the doctors to get the top of his head checked out again because he had a cancer removed earlier and they just want to check that they hopefully got it all ... I'm worried as hell! especially being where it is and how deep it can go or how far it can spread, the only other time I've been like this is when he had open - heart surgery.



I know how frightening it can be when a loved one is sick. Hope is important, for both you and your father. Try and be as positive as possible. Also maybe do small things for him if you can. Make him a favorite dish or offer to go with him to do something he really enjoys. It really helps to be as supportive and hopeful as possible. It will help both of you. You will feel like you are doing something and your father will feel your love. You are both in our thoughts. 

I've been suicidial for a while now and I've told my friends last year hoping they would help and they did for a day. Now I am at my lowest point and instead of helping they are talking behind my back. Any advice or Mark Sheppard gifs to cheer me up?


My advice is to talk to someone trained to help you with your feelings instead of your friends because it seems as if they cannot handle it at this point. Sometimes people when feeling uncomfortable or helpless will try to spin a situation in their minds to be something it isn’t so that they feel more at ease. It might be easier for them to imagine that you are just attention seeking than to deal with what is occurring. I am not making excuses for their behavior, but you need to take care of your state of mind right now and worrying about what they are saying or thinking cannot be helping. So my suggestion is if possible talk to a therapist. Also your general practitioner might be able to help in the short term while waiting to get an appointment. There are also many helplines available to you with people trained to listen without judgement who can aid you in getting the help you need. 



List of other countries

Please seek the help that you need because you deserve to feel better. To feel happy. I know it can be hard to take that first step, so please know that you are worth it. Take care of yourself. 


Firth? :D

I was attempting to be funny, but still am unable to add more than one gif per reply until after I post and go back and edit in additional gifs. I think tumblr likes to damage my calm. 

Thank you! :D, btw any Colin to calm my nerves about teaching pride and prejudice tomorrow to my other class... :D

Was there a specific Colin you wanted?


Or will any Colin do?

We have a few on hand.

All are willing to assist. 

But I’m guessing you meant this Colin.